Climate Catastrophe

Enough carbon has been put into the atmosphere to guarantee continued disruption in our climate – affecting food, transportation, and quality of life for most humans.  Yet subsidies to Big Oil, Coal, and nuclear power continue.
I support a Green New Deal, centered on local control of energy generation and distribution, which would reduce our carbon imprint; provide well-paying, unionized jobs in manufacturing and installation; and allow our communities to become more environmentally and economically resilient. As we look towards diversifying our region's economy away from dependence on military contracts, we can provide our highly-trained workforce the opportunity to support a carbon-neutral future without sacrificing their economic security.

Medicare for All

Even before Corona-19, healthcare for all was critically important. During a pandemic, the lack of it is inexcusable.  While insurance and pharmaceutical industries profit, 60% of all US bankruptcies are caused by medical debt, and even insured individuals are at risk due to rising premiums, copays, out-of-network and other surprise bills.
Everyone deserves full access to the care they need, as determined by medical professionals, NOT insurance claim processors. I will fight for ALL to be included in a single-payer system that covers all necessary healthcare, including primary and preventive; reproductive; dental and vision; mental health; prescription drugs; hospital, surgical, outpatient, and emergency services; long-term care; and more.

Corporate Influence

Nothing substantive will ever change in Washington while corporations (corps, rhymes with corpse) influence policy decisions – on both sides of the aisle –  related to healthcare, military spending, education privatization, and more. Citizen’s United only served to legitimize a system that gives power to lobbyists, without demanding accountability or transparency, and encourages corruption. 
I am proud of the Green Party's prohibition against accepting money from corporations, PACs, and other special interest groups, even though it means that we have to run low-budget campaigns. Only candidates supported and elected by the people will truly serve the people’s interest.  Until Wall Street money is out of Washington, don’t expect change.


Green New Deal


LBGTQ+ Rights

No one chooses to be gay or trans.  Variations in any species are natural, and our existence is not a political football to be brought up to cause divisiveness. We are full humans and deserve to live a full life. Congress must pass legislation to ensure, without exception, full human rights and protections for every person – regardless of gender, gender expression or whom they love – AND we need to embrace the rhetoric, representation and leadership of LGBTQ+ individuals throughout society.

There is no room for discussion or judgment about which people deserve rights and which do not.  There is no excuse for discrimination.  And there can be no exception to providing full human rights to every individual residing in every area of our country.

Racial justice

Defund police and invest in community. Root out white supremacist elements, prosecute excessive uses of force, and establish elected police review boards. End the funneling of military equipment to the police, as well as the training of local police forces in military, occupation-style tactics.

End US leadership in mass incarceration by ending the War on Drugs; releasing everyone serving time for drug-related, low-level or nonviolent offenses and expunge their criminal records; and releasing all awaiting trial or whose age/health puts them at risk.

Convene a Truth, Reconciliation, and Reparations Commission to address the legacy of slavery, xenophobia and Indigenous genocide and repair the damage of ongoing systemic racism.

promoting Peace

With the support of both major parties, US military spending is out of control.  Our 2nd District representative advocates for the construction of submarines without end. Yet, reducing military spending by 20% would allow us to remain the most powerful force in the world while freeing up funds for social programs, education, and development of industries that meet 21st century needs.
We need to end knee-jerk support for military actions abroad and establish a foreign policy based on diplomacy, international law, and human rights. End attacks that kill countless civilians and make the world less safe. Close the 700+ foreign bases that are turning our republic into a bankrupt empire. Stop arms sales to human rights abusers, and lift economic sanctions to ensure the free flow of humanitarian aid around the globe.


Public education

The rush to re-open schools during a pandemic may prove disastrous. Teachers and students in all districts need resources for successful distance learning until schools can open safely.  Like high-stakes testing tied to funding, our current approach widens the gap between poor school districts and well-off ones. Public education is not a business. Resource-poor school districts need teachers, aides, support staff, and their students suffer when recess, arts, and bilingual education are eliminated.  The Federal government is well-positioned to ensure equity by supporting poor districts while affirming their right to local control.

Beyond K-12, we need high quality public preschool and universities, to provide the opportunity for further education without incurring a lifetime of debt servitude.

Green New Deal

social supports

Since the Clinton administration, the social supports that have helped mitigate the worst of income inequality have been eroded by both parties.  Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, help for disabled individuals, unemployment benefits, even the US Post Office is under attack.  We need to reduce the cost of attending college and trade schools, as well as paying associate professors and grad students, rather than treat them as disposable, free or almost-free labor.  Let’s make public colleges and community colleges tuition-free.  Well-educated citizens are better empowered to build a better society.

Corporate politicians have no incentive to help our neediest citizens, and will never do so, even though we have the ability to fully fund this safety net, and more.  It’s time for a change!

pandemic response

Immediately enroll everyone in the US without health insurance in Medicare, including immigrants, and provide Covid-19 testing and treatment without cost. Coordinate the production of essential medical supplies and hospital capacity.

For the duration of the crisis: institute an emergency universal basic income; suspend evictions, foreclosures, and utility shutoffs; help small businesses by offering no-interest loans, covering payroll costs; bring military forces home to serve as humanitarian forces to control the pandemic; provide support to farmers and farm workers; make essential workers eligible for free childcare; lift restrictions on food stamps and expand benefits; house people experiencing homelessness in hotels and begin construction of long-term supportive housing.

voting & democracy

-Prohibit elected officials and staffs from accepting any gift from lobbyists, and bar them from working as lobbyists for 5 years after they leave office.
-Enact ranked-choice voting for all elections.
-Enact proportional representation for legislative bodies.
-Mitigate gerrymandering with independent non-partisan redistricting.
-Protect voters’ rights through federal legislation to fight voter suppression.
-Provide free public airtime and open debates for all ballot-qualified candidates.
-Mandate use of publicly-owned, open-source voting equipment with voter-verifiable paper ballots. Require audits to ensure election integrity.
-Create a vigorous independent watchdog empowered to enforce federal campaign finance laws.